Wake up young and firm

After the stresses of the day, the skin needs a phase of intensive regeneration. NIANCE Night Care REGENERATE, the unique anti-aging night cream with SWISS GLACIER COMPLEX®, pampers your skin while you sleep and gives it intensive care so it can build itself up from the inside out. The valuable substances can have their full impact overnight. By the morning, your skin feels younger and silky-smooth and your complexion has stocked up with energy for the day ahead.

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Anti-aging night cream

  • Improves skin cell supply
  • Cell renewing
  • Stimulates collagen generation of skin cells
  • Strenghtens skin structure


After gentle cleansing (e.g. with NIANCE Cleansing Milk RELAX and NIANCE Facial Tonic REFRESH), apply NIANCE Night Care REGENERATE in circular movements before going to sleep. NIANCE Night Care REGENERATE absorbs immediately and leaves a pleasant feeling on the skin.

How It Works

NIANCE Night Care REGENERATE has an unbelievably silky structure and was developed especially for demanding skin which needs high levels of nutrients and maximum comfort.

Even when you apply it, you can feel how luxurious and rich this anti-aging night cream is. The active ingredients penetrate deep into the skin and get straight into the cells which are hungry for nourishment. Wrinkles and lines are combated from deep within the skin, softening to make the skin look smooth and even. As a perfect complement to this, the skin is stimulated to absorb extra moisture and develop more firmness and resistance. The immediate effect: visibly firmer skin and more, longer-lasting elasticity.