The "NIANCE® World of Luxury" for Ladies

This world clearly reflects the NIANCE® white/gold colour code. White piano lacquer combined with puristic wall elements in white leather interspersed with golden pilasters make the sensual luxury of NIANCE® a tangible experience. The floor is covered in finest, soft white leather. The back-lit gilt-patinated skylight dome creates a distinctive and agreeable atmosphere. Two golden candelabra designed specially for NIANCE®, plus the white marmorino ceiling, crown the exclusive ambience. All technical features are hidden from the guest: The treatment couches designed exclusively for NIANCE® by Gharieni incorporate every conceivable luxury and provide the guest with the epitome of well-being comfort.

The design is timelessly elegant and exclusive, yet without being cold. The leather, the textiles and the individual light and sound system provide a harmonious atmosphere of well-being. The result is a unique symbiosis of design, product and treatment quality.