The NIANCE® Home Spa Collection

The NIANCE® ELEGANCE & NIANCE® MEN PASSION scented candles are the first specially chosen items for the new NIANCE® HOME SPA COLLECTION. The NIANCE® Home SPA Collection combines for the first time the luxury and purity of the NIANCE® & NIANCE® MEN anti-aging premium care series with products for the entire private wellness oasis. The moment the candles are opened, the original scents of NIANCE® & NIANCE® MEN transform the room into a unique atmosphere which enchants the body and soul. Your private luxury ritual starts as you light the candles. Moments of well-being and the magic of luxury - the magic of NIANCE® HOME SPA.

Highest quality standards

To guarantee you the highest quality and purity, NIANCE® scented candles are among the few worldwide made exclusively from natural plant materials. Fine metal lids in real gold and silver enclose and protect the valuable contents.

NIANCE® Elegance

Scented candle for women

NIANCE® Men Passion

Scented candle for men