We're welcoming the Grand Hotel Wien as our new NIANCE Partner


We're welcoming the Hotel Les Sources des Alpes as our new NIANCE Partner


We're welcoming the Sandy Lane Barbados as our new NIANCE Partner


We congratulate our partner Este Fitness & Spa to the award as "The 2017 World Luxury Spa"


NIANCE Luxury anti-aging body care – the revolution in body care!

To complement the exclusive NIANCE luxury anti-aging face care products, NIANCE has elaborated innovative luxury anti-aging body care products. State-of-the art active agents combined with ingredients established in our face care line yield maximum results and take their effect with innovative multi-results: anti-aging, slimming, shaping, firming and anti-cellulite.


We cordially welcome the Wellness Boutique as new partner of NIANCE


NIANCE is the new Luxury Anti-Aging brand in Glam Monte Carlo